BMARENA have a very friendly intercafe and easy to understand for every new player.

Get your credits from the agent covered your area and then in three easy steps you can start to enjoy  and win tournaments and big prizes.

Below you can see the main page of BMARENA including three tables.

  • On first table you can see the turnaments.
  • On second table you can see the games and odds
  • On third table you can see all the neccesary infos about the selected tournament.

Table 1

At the first table we can find the tournaments. You can join any tournament you want ( needs to have the necessary credits ) except tournaments with the notice ” close “

Table 2

At the second table you can find a list with games. When you click on a tournament then you can see on the middle table the games you can bet for this tournament.

Table 3

On the third table you can find all the informations about the tournament you have selected on the first table. You can see the informations like th time start and time finish, the buy in cost , starting chips , no of players have joined this tournamend , and the Prizes.