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Terms and conditions.


  1. Every player can join a sponsor tournament using the “bonus code” have received from the Sponsor. You need to submit this Bonus Code at the time of registration.
  2. The client automatically agrees to the terms and conditions of this offer during activation the bonus at the time of registration.
  3. Every player can use this code only one time.
  4. All details about the duration, prizes and the number of the starting playchips will use every player you can see on the tournament’s info.
  5. The winners will receive their prizes at the end of tournament and they can convert to cash with conversion rate 1 euro for 1 credit. Before the conversion every player needs to complete tournament entries with a total turnover of five times the winning prize. For example, if a player wins 20 credits then need to complete tournament entries of 100 credits.
  6. Sponsor have the own to ask a simple verification before to proceed with prizes payment.
  7. The winners can get the payments via paypal, skrill or Neteller.
  8. The sponsor has the own to change terms and conditions of tournament any time without prior notice. If any player use multiple accounts or any other unfair method in communication with other players can be excluded from the tournament any time.

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